Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe in building industrial leadership alongside significant growth in peace and harmony with environmental sustainability and rational yet responsible corporate citizenship. As a company, we acknowledge our responsibility to continuously improve our corporate social responsibility in the area of environment, sustainability, women empowerment, sourcing, and social engagement.

  • We make every possible effort to prevent our mother nature from any kind of harm. We actively conduct and participate in several plantation drives across the city. Thus, eco-friendly initiatives constitute the core area of our concern.
  • Our company sponsors as well as make charity as and when required to support Government schools established in different parts of the state. We support the significance of ‘Education to one and all’.
  • The company endeavour and endorse CRPF hosting during the need of the hour. On arise of any natural calamity in any part of the nation, we ensure to make our part of contribution in relief funds.
  • We support the programmes subjecting Women empowerment. We go the extra mile to maintain gender equality that is essential for both social and economic development.
  • Medical aids or camps are conducted to render the medical assistance to the society in forms of blood bank, medicines, and health check-ups.
  • We are active participants in organising religious ceremonies on specified festivals and dates throughout a year.
  • For central jail activities, we donate in both cash and kind. We sponsor sports events and make effective supplies to women prisoners. We extend effective medical support as well.
  • We contribute in uplifting the life of labourers working in our company while providing them additional benefits and facilities.