After its success in the field of packaging, BBF Industries ventured into manufacturing of plastic products in 1997. Setting up of well-equipped infrastructure to gain better grip on the market marked entry of BBF in this field. BBF established in-house facilities for blow molding as well as injection molding along with in-house mould-making setup.

BBF entered the market with its own brands “JOY HOME” and have established a well-grounded niche in the field of house ware &, kitchenware.

BBF plastic products are now exported to several nations. Today, some of its major plastic export destinations include Australia, Yemen, Canada, UK, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, South Africa and Russia. Much like its endeavors in the packaging and contractual manufacturing divisions, BBF also constantly seeks to expand and develop its plastics division. BBF is continuously involved in developing new products keeping in mind the customer’s needs and its responsibility to the environment.

Not only is BBF aware of its responsibility to its customers but also ensures that its manufacturing set-up is eco-friendly. In its effort to conserve the environment, BBF attempts to reduce wastage and reuse its resources.

Its plastic products have gained worldwide repute. This claim doesn’t stand on any hollow brand popularity but on the truth that its products are truly durable and reliable.

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