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Through the growth of BBF as an organization, we have also refined our quality measures to meet top-of-the-line norms existing today. In all our units, quality control is given paramount importance.

All divisions of BBF have a separate and dedicated Quality Assurance and Quality Control team. Members of QA and QC teams are highly trained specialists who monitor not just the product but also the process with a hawk’s eye.

Our main goal at BBF is to service our clients to their utmost satisfaction and we recognize that strict and efficient quality assurance is the key to achieving that end. Our management policy is founded on the three pedestals of teamwork, trust, and quality.

It is our targeted drive to achieve quality that has helped us attain ISO 9001, ISO 14001 as well as ISO 22000 certification.

We have a task-force of competent and qualified personnel to supervise the manufacturing process. Our technical staff members are stationed at all key locations to ensure that only the best product leaves the manufacturing unit.

Moreover, we put our products through strict quality checks at various stages to ensure our customers in India and overseas receive only those products that are worthy of their standards. All our manufacturing units at different locations utilize the latest quality equipment to run rigorous tests on the manufactured products.

Our entire quality process is segmented into two steps. At one level, the intermediate products are tested and in another the final product is put through strong quality testing.

Our customers work with us with full faith as we assure them a quality that not many manufacturers are willing to promise. BBF constantly seeks to improve its quality standards and better the challenge.

It is our belief that real profit is the one that you earn through a quality-satisfied customer. Therefore, no order, disregarding its volume, ever leaves BBF premises without multi-level checks.

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